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Liberalized market

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What is?

The liberalized energy market allows consumers to choose their electricity and/or natural gas supplier, choosing the solution that best fits their needs.
In the liberalized energy market, energy prices are determined by the supplier and not by the Portuguese Energy Services Regulatory Authority ERSE.


Until when do I have to switch

The transitional period of switching to the retail market runs until the end of 2020.
During this period, while staying on the regulated market, it will be able to maintain its current supplier, with a transitory tariff set by ERSE and subject to quarterly review.


How much does it cost?

The process of switch energy supplier has no associated cost and can be done at anytime.
Only the tariff will be changed, according to the energy supplier of your choice.
Contract changes and other procedures will have no associated cost.

How to switch on Poupa Energia

The switch of energy supplier in 6 steps


Characterize your energy consumption and indicate your current supplier. Poupa Energia simulates and show you, based on your current supplier conditions, which tariff is the best option for you.


See the list of tariffs on Poupa Energia, check the savings you can get and immediately formalize your intention to adhere to a tariff. Poupa Energia will send a pre-contractual form to its new supplier.


Your future retailer will contact you within 5 working days to formalize the change process and request that additional information be sent.


Your future supplier, after confirm all the information, will formalize the request for switch in the GPMC portal (Management of the Process of Switching Supplier). This may take up to 60 days.


During the switching process it will be necessary to finish the contractual relationship with your current supplier.
To do this, it is necessary to give your consumption information in your smart meter, evaluate and validate the amount to be invoiced in this transition phase. The energy distributor has a key role in this process, as it is his responsibility to give information about your smart meter.


Your new supplier will let you know the status of the process and when the transition will be completed. You will only have to pay the last bill to the previous supplier, thus ending the contract between the two.

Simulate and Switch

Try our simulators or choose your new tariff.


PME Simulator

Do you have your energy bill with you?
Characterize your dwelling and we do the rest.

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Do you know the tariff you want?
Switch energy supplier without
make any simulation.

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Big Consumers

Do you want to negotiate your tariff?
See all the suppliers with solutions for high consumption.

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Energy Suppliers

List of electricity and/or natural gas energy suppliers registered by DGEG and that have tariff plans for non-residential consumers

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