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Poupa Energia Portal (in English, save energy) is a platform that allows an easy comparison of electricity and natural gas tariffs, that is directed to all energy consumers providing a tool that allow an informed choice of energy supplier. Likewise, it is also intended to promote efficiency in energy consumption.

The portal has more than 200 tariffs for simulation, presenting the tariffs of all energy suppliers licensed in Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) to supply electricity and natural gas to domestic and non-domestic customers, in mainland Portugal.


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By doing a simple simulation you can evaluate potential annual saving comparing to your current tariff. To do this, you should characterize your household’s consumption details. The portal allows you to find the appropriate tariff based on the type of billing, payment method, additional services and/or green tariff. Advanced simulation allows you to adjust the profile by entering the consumption history for most accurate results.

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Poupa Energia has a plenty of energy saving tips by changing behaviors and/or equipment, it can reduce the energy consumption in your home.

And it offers a set of frequently asked questions, so that you can clarify all your questions related to energy consumption and energy billing.

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