Last Resort Suppliers

Last Resort Suppliers (CUR) are licensed commercial entities responsible for supplying electricity and/or natural gas, through the application of tariffs defined by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE).


CURs can supply electricity and/or natural gas to:

  • Final consumers with contracts, as long as the regulated tariffs or transitional tariffs legally envisaged by ERSE apply;
  • Economically vulnerable consumers;
  • Consumers whose market marketer has been prevented from exercising the activity;
  • Consumers located where there is no offer by traders of electricity or natural gas under a market regime.

See the list of electricity and natural gas CUR operating in the mainland Portugal market.


For more information of this suppliers, see Decree-Law no. 29/2006, February 15, and Decree-Law no. 172/2006, August 23, as amended by Decree-Law no. 215-A/2012 and Decree-Law no. 215-B/2012 of October 8, Decree-Law no. 30/2006, of February 15, and Decree-Law no. 140/2006, of July 26, and the Commercial Relations Regulation published by ERSE.

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