What is CPE?

The Delivery Point Code (CPE) in its structure consists of 20 digits which is composed of 4 distinct parts:


1. Two characters corresponding to the national identification “PT”;

2. Four numeric characters representing the identifier of the Distribution Network Operator that can be:


      0001       Rede Eléctrica Nacional, S.A.

      0002       EDP Distribuição

      0003       A CELER, C.R.L. – Cooperativa Electrificação de Rebordosa

      0004       A Eléctrica Moreira de Cónegos

      0005       Casa do Povo de Valongo do Vouga

      0006       Cooperativa de Electrificação A Lord, CRL

      0007       Cooperativa Eléctrica de S. Simão de Novais, C.R.L.

      0008       Cooperativa Eléctrica de Vale d’ Este

      0009       Cooperativa Eléctrica de Vilarinho

      0010       Cooperativa Eléctrica do Loureiro, CRL

      0011       COOPRORIZ – Cooperativa de Abastecimento de Energia Eléctrica, CRL

      0012       Junta de Freguesia de Cortes de Meio


3. Twelve numeric characters of Local Identification Code;

4. Two letters of Check digit.


The Identifier Code of the Network Operator is assigned by REN, in the quality of the Transport Network.

In the same way that the Citizen Card identifies a person, CPE allows you to identify an installation regardless of its use or ownership.

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