What is CUI?

The Universal Installation Code (CUI) consists of 20 characters that are composed of 4 different parts:


1. Two characters corresponding to the national identification “PT”;

2. Four numeric characters representing the identifier of the Distribution Network Operator that can be:


      1601 – Portgás

      1602 – Lusitaniagás

      1603 – Beiragás

      1604 – Tagusgás

      1605 – Lisboagás

      1606 – Setgás

      1701 – Sonorgás

      1702 –  Durienegás

      1703 – Dianagás

      1704 – Paxgás

      1705 – Mediagás


3. Twelve numeric characters of Local Identification Code;

4. Two letters of Check digit.


In the same way that the Citizen Card identifies a person, it allows to identify a natural gas installation or infrastructure, regardless of its use or ownership.


If a new natural gas connection is made, it will be necessary to request a new CUI for this installation.

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