Regulated price conditions

How to access the regulated tariff

similar regime to the regulated tariff

  1. The final customers with Normal Low Voltage supply contract (BTN) are eligible for this tariff
  2. The final customers indicated above may choose a tariff with a similar regime to the regulated tariff until December 31, 2020;
  3. Suppliers should disclose whether or not they provide a similar regime to the regulated tariff.
  4. In Quick and advanced simulators of Poupa Energia you can find the equivalent tariffs practiced by each one of the energy suppliers;
  5. The customer may request, through the different channels of communication, to his supplier access to regulated price conditions;
  6. The supplier has 10 days to reply to the customer;
  7. The supplier must reply in written form whether or not he applies the regulated tariff;
  8. If the answer makes the application of the tariff not allow, the final customer may enter into a supply contract with the last resort supplier.


If you want to change to the regulated tariff, please note the following notes:


In case of the supplier discloses that he does not offer the regime similar to regulated tariff or does not respond within the reference period, the customer is entitled to end the supply contract by concluding a new contract with the last resort supplier, and that cessation exempts from any charges or charges to the customer, including penalties for possible loyalty periods, which are not strictly based on the billing of measured consumption.


In case of that dual or additional services have been contracted, the end of other services or partial maintenance of the contract may not be used to penalize the final customer for the exercise of the right of option provided in n.1, without prejudice to the loss of benefits associated with the conditions of provision of the other services.


Formalizing a new supply contract, by final customer qualified to request the price system defined in this ordinance, direct contracting with the last resort supplier depends the non availability of application of this regime by other suppliers.

In case of doubt or more information please contact us on 211 160 500.

Energy Suppliers with regulated price conditions

List of all electricity suppliers licensed by DGEG
which have regulated price conditions

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