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Consumption monitoring

One of the key principles of energy efficiency is that you can only save what you can measure. This maxim fully represents the utility of energy consumption monitoring equipment to reduce consumption and make your home more efficient.



Installing energy consumption monitoring equipment (smart meters) can help you reduce your energy bill.

These measuring equipment give you the possibility to know exactly how you use energy and allow you to identify appliances (or other equipment) where you can save energy through better use of them.

As a rule, you can also monitor your consumption history and make comparisons with similar periods or daily, weekly or monthly analyzes, in order to understand if you are having a more efficient consumption.

Consumo de energia

Uma moradia V3 com 4 pessoas tem uma fatura média de energia de 100 €/mês.

Instalação de smart meters

A instalação de smart meters representa um investimento a partir de 100 € e permite-lhe monitorizar os principais consumos da instalação.


Numa fatura anual de 1.200 €, a instalação de smart meters pode levar a uma poupança de energia de 48 €/ano.

Other tips
  1. Try to install analyzers on specific equipment that tend to consume more, such as air conditioning.
  2. There are solutions that provide modules for measuring photovoltaic production.
  3. Choose the solution that allows you to integrate data from various sources such as electricity, natural gas and water.
  4. Open source solutions allow that after purchasing the equipment, it is not linked to annuities related to the use of proprietary software.
  5. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, consider a solution that is compatible with the monitoring of that consumption, or that is optimized for that.
How it works:

Most of the solutions on the market do not need to be installed by a professional, they consist of non-intrusive measuring equipment and can be easily installed by any user, as long as they comply with safety standards and follow the installation manuals.

These solutions can contain the following modules:

Module for monitoring electricity consumption.

Module for monitoring the consumption of natural gas.

Module for monitoring water consumption.

Internet connection so you can check your home’s instant consumption anytime and anywhere.

Module for monitoring photovoltaic production.

Module for monitoring the charging of electric vehicles.

Some of the solutions also allow for real-time monitoring and / or have control mechanisms so that you can remotely turn off the equipment in question.

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