What are the mandatory taxes on an electricity bill?

The terms power and energy consumption are added mandatory taxes that are applied by suppliers through the invoices issued to their customers.
There are:

  • Exploration Fee General Direction of Energy and Geology (DGEG) – corresponds to the rate of utilization and exploitation of the electrical installations that is paid to the state. This rate has a fixed value and is defined by the DGEG;
  • Special Tax on Electricity Consumption (IEC) – is included in the subcategory of tax on oil and energy producers (ISP), created in 2012 and paid to the state. The flat rate is 0.001 per kWh of billed energy.
  • The Audiovisual Contribution (CAV) – according to Law no. 30/2003, of August 22, corresponds to the financing of the public service of broadcasting and television, being delivered by the marketers to Rádio e Televisão de Portugal SGPS, SA The monthly fixed amount is € 2.85 + VAT (6%) and should be paid 12 times a year to a consumer.
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