Supplier Change Logistics Operator

What is it?

Supplier Change Logistics Operator

OLMC manages the process of changing the electricity and natural gas supplier, promoting transparency in the electricity and natural gas markets and providing final consumers with easy access to the information to which they are entitled.

It was created under the regulations of the national electrical system (SEN) and the national natural gas system (SNGN), which regulate the market and the relationship between the different agents in this sector and ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency was responsible for carrying out this task. activity.

The Logistics Operator for the Change of Supplier (OLMC) is based on Decree-Law no. 38/2017 of 31 March, which provides for the functions to be performed, namely:

  • Operationalization of supplier changes in the electricity and natural gas markets;
  • Management and maintenance of the electronic logistics platform for changing vendors and providing information;
  • Provision of personalized information to energy consumers, namely in the following areas:
    • Procedure for contracting a gas and / or electricity supply service;
    • Tariffs appropriate to each consumption profile, determined based on the information held;
    • Tariffs appropriate to each consumption profile, determined based on the information held by this operator and at the request of the consumer;
    • Existing and applicable social tariff (s);
    • Information on procedures and deadlines for reestablishing connections;
    • Information on efficient use of energy, aimed at promoting energy efficiency and the rational use of resources;
    • Other information relevant to the electricity and natural gas consumer.
  • Preparation of semiannual reports related to the processes of changing the supplier, including the analysis and assessment of the level of quality of service for changing the supplier and the transmission and dissemination of results;
  • Collection, storage, treatment and validation of electricity and natural gas consumption data and management of the IT platform for this purpose;
  • Transmission of the necessary information elements to the stakeholders in the SEN and SNGN, including the traders whenever requested and justified the need to transmit them.

Internal organization

Olmc’s activities are divided into two distinct areas

The GPMC platform for the management of supplier switching processes, which constitutes a service platform for all traders and distributors in the energy market (electricity and natural gas).

The Poupa Energia portal is the frontend of the OLMC for the energy consumer and with which it is intended to provide the general public with a tool that allows an informed choice / change of supplier, as well as promoting efficiency in energy consumption.


Ensure that the change of electricity and natural gas supplier by the final consumer is carried out quickly, based on simple, transparent, standardized and dematerialized rules and procedures, as well as ensuring the consumer’s right to information.

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